Police-tape like rows of text with the message “UX design doesn’t exist”
Police-tape like rows of text with the message “UX design doesn’t exist”

I’m sorry to break it to you, UX designer, but your job title is horrible. I feel very passionate about the misuse of the term UX design, let me tell you why.

What is UX?

First, let’s take a look at the definition:

Don Norman & Jacob Nielsen describe UX

2020 is finally over, time to look back on everything that happened. It was a rough year, but we’ll focus on the positive things.

It has been incredible for product design tools and our planet became a bit more digital with more working from home and family parties over Zoom & FaceTime. This will allow us to create more digital products for different needs.

Let’s start with a great change that indicates the importance of language:

In a year where #BlackLivesMatter was more present than ever all 3 major design tools (Sketch, Figma & Adobe XD) collaborated to rename “master…

Apple introduced iOS 15 with quite minor visual changes, but the biggest visual and conceptual change in the OS is probably Safari. It will get a brand new interface on iPhones, iPads and Macs. Let’s go through everything new and design changes you need to know about.

Redesign and new interactions

Safari got a big redesign on all Apple Platforms, but the iOS version might have gotten the biggest one. The Tab Bar (search bar) has been moved to the bottom of the screen for easier access. This means you will also have more room to display the content of your website.

You can easily swipe on the Tab Bar to switch between tabs or swipe up to view all of your open tabs. Speaking of tabs, they can now be grouped in Tab Groups and saved to refer to later and they will sync between all of your devices.


WWDC week, the most wonderful time of the year for Apple enthusiasts, designers and developers. During a difficult year, Apple delivered big time on new features across all of their operating systems.

Let’s go over all the changes, new features and APIs that are interesting for product designers and design engineers.

To start here’s a recap of the first day:

Location Permission

Over the past few years, the location permission received multiple updates to enhance privacy. In iOS 13 a new option was introduced to allow access to your location just once. …

This article is mostly focused on iPads, but the same principles can be applied to Android tablets.

Cover image displaying mobile devices in varying sizes.
Cover image displaying mobile devices in varying sizes.

The responsive web has been around for quite a while. The goal is easy, make your website adapt to different screen sizes so you don’t have to build a separate mobile, tablet, and desktop version. Most of the web is now fully responsive in 2021, especially since Flash is now officially dead.

But when looking at mobile applications, quite often you see that it’s not at all responsive. Software development takes time and there aren’t enough resources to build 2 different apps for mobile and tablet. Or tablet support is just forgotten “because nobody uses it”.

That’s just incorrect, a…

On June 22, 2020 Apple previewed iOS 14 for the first time. As always there are quite some changes you should know about as a product designer like widgets, pickers, app clips, permissions and more.

Let’s start with widgets…


Widgets have been a part of iOS for a few years now, but they have always been hidden in Today View. With iOS they will become more easily accessible via the home screen.

You can add widgets when in edit mode, for most widgets you can choose between 3 sizes. Small, Medium and Large.

Back in January, which seems like ages ago, I gave a talk at Ghent Inclusive Design Meetup about creating inclusive digital products. I talked about using native components to make your digital products more inclusive, because often come packed with a lot of accessibility features.

I’m not going to go in-depth on that, because I want to help you out making your custom components more inclusive. I’m going to focus mostly on iOS, but the principles are the same on Android.

Make your digital products accessible

1. Use vector assets

When scaling or zooming your interface some icons might also scale with the text. …

What it’s like to be a Product Designer at In The Pocket

UX designer, visual designer, digital designer, interaction designer, information architect, user interface designer, web designer, …

This is just a small set of titles designers use to introduce themselves, at In The Pocket we chose to consistently use the term Product Designer. Let me tell you why and how we got there.

How I got started at In The Pocket

When I started in early 2015 as a mobile design intern at In The Pocket, we had a small product and design team that consisted of 2 product managers, 2 visual designers and 2 freelance designers…

After going through the first beta of iOS 13, here are some exiting new features Apple didn’t talk about.

Update (June 5th, 2019)
I’ve added 8 more features to the list

When Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, it was introduced to come with 3 main features being an iPod, phone and an internet browser. That was 11 years ago. Now the iPhone is packed with features, some more advanced than others. However, one thing that everyone forgot — which was initially the purpose of this device — is that it’s a phone. In most western countries no one talks on their phone anymore, communication happens mostly through text and selfies.

2011 was the year users started to talk a lot more to their phones again. It was the year the…

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